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He earned the name Wobbly Warren for always sitting on the fence on issues and often appearing to change sides. One of her students was Harding's sister Charity.

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Also, the country agreed with other world powers to stop the arms race of building large battleships. However, he also surrounded himself with individuals who were later accused of misconduct.

warren g. harding biography

Privately, Harding engaged in the good life emblematic of the s. McAdoo was a major contender, but he was Wilson's son-in-law, and refused to consider a nomination so long as the president wanted it. In foreign affairs, as in domestic policy, Harding delegated much responsibility to several key cabinet members.

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When Harding rose to high office, he made clear his love of Marion and its way of life, telling of the many young Marionites who had left and enjoyed success elsewhere, while suggesting that the man, once the "pride of the school", who had remained behind and become a janitorwas "the happiest one of the lot".

On August 2,Harding died of a heart attack. He and Florence had no children of their own, though Florence had an older son prior to her marriage with Harding.

Warren g harding presidency

He was well-known by Republican leaders, had no major political enemies, was "right" on all the issues and represented the critically important state of Ohio. Roosevelt , only carried the deeply Democratic southern states. In , Harding married Florence Kling De Wolfe , a Marion native with one son from a previous relationship. His running mate was Calvin Coolidge. Faced with the task of building up a circulation for a Republican newspaper in a predominately Democratic community, financial difficulties, and a pitiful inadequacy of equipment, he proved himself capable to meet the challenge. Warren graduated from college in Other government officials took payoffs and embezzled funds. His record as president deserves far more respect than the categorical dismissals that Progressive writers have given him, dismissals that unfortunately persist to the present day. Florence Harding lived only a few months longer than her beloved husband. Even Harding's close friend and political manager Harry Daugherty, the attorney general at the time, faced several impeachment votes by Congress and two indictments for defrauding the government. His father George was a doctor and his mother Phoebe was a midwife.
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Biography of President Warren G. Harding for Kids