A comparison between the ebola and marburg viruses

EVD patients may also have concomitant malaria infection.

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Laboratory abnormalities include elevations in liver enzymes, initial drop in leukocyte count, and thrombocytopenia. Unlike Ebola and Marburg, the reservoir host of Lassa is a rodent known as the multimammate rat.

Feldmann H, Geisbert TW. Medical personnel can be infected if they don't use protective gear, such as surgical masks and gloves.

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The appropriate use of infection control precautions and strict barrier nursing procedures are critical to prevent nosocomial transmission. Ebola virus disease: an update on post-exposure prophylaxis. Specific viruses are addressed below.

Diseases similar to ebola

World Health Organization. There is no proven specific therapy for EVD. Ebola virus and Marburg virus have been cultured from ocular aqueous humor at 2 and 3 months after disease onset, respectively. Ergonul O, Holbrook MR. Expert Rev Vaccines. These rodent-borne viruses known as hantaviruses all belong to the Bunyavirus family. In , a small outbreak was reported in a remote region of the Congo; the WHO declared an end to this outbreak on July 2, 1. Treatment and vaccines for Ebola virus disease [Internet]. Organ donation from deceased or live donors recovered from Ebola virus disease should be evaluated individually by assessing the urgency of recipient need, obtaining the donor laboratory test for the presence of filovirus, recipient informed consent, specific post-transplant monitoring and considering the risk for healthcare workers. Filoviruses are highly contagious.

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Factsheet about Ebola and Marburg virus diseases