A literary analysis of the form the structure and the meaning in the preludes by t s eliot

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The lonely cab-horse, the lighting of the lamps, the masquerades that time resumes, are imbued with the emotions of the observer. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. This connection of blindness and fragmentation is reminiscent of a parable told by the Buddha of a group of blind men who all touch a different body part of an elephant and arrive at very diverging ideas about its physical appearance cf. By implication, the poem seems nostalgic for a simpler, cleaner, and more individual human lifestyle before industrialization, a pastoral ideal. In the third line, the night is personified, as the morning was in the second stanza. The street then becomes the subject, with feet that belong to it. This is a depressing judgment of human intellect as wasted on daily mindlessly comforting entertainment. Moreover, it promotes the idea that the woman has rejoined the world in the sense that she has regained full consciousness and awareness. In this way, no complete human soul or human body emerges. The question arises what or respectively whom she is waiting for: for sleep, for the next customer, for the next morning?

Most helpful essay resource ever! Whereas beer is typically consumed at night for the lethargic and drowsy effects of the alcohol, coffee is preferably drunken in the morning for the activating effect of the caffeine. In the 3rd stanza the street scene is left altogether, instead a single woman is depicted lying in her bed.

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This opening poem concludes with the coming of night and the lighting of the streetlamps. She lies awake at night, thinking of her debased life. Shrestha, Roma. Related Topics. TS Elliot represents the views of many artists of the modernist movement who encapsulate the psychological and emotional distress of WW1 and the early events of the 20th Century in his poems. The cozy domesticity and occasional rhyming meter is disrupted by images of desolation and routine depersonalization. As the shades are raised, light is let into the room. The speaker is probably a flaneur who writes down what he experiences while walking in the city. Here, Eliot uses the most common foot in poetry, the iamb , which consists of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable daDUM. The removal of the blanket literally uncovers what lays beyond the consciousness, that is the subconscious. First stanza — Lonely street in the evening The poem is divided into four stanzas of which the first one is written in tetrameter verse.

The cozy domesticity and occasional rhyming meter is disrupted by images of desolation and routine depersonalization. It can hence be concluded that the speaker feels physically alert and awake now.

Hop over to " Sound Check " for more on this poem's sound techniques. It begins the motif of light in the poem.

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The world is full of impatient activity and people striding confidently about their business: men stuffing their pipes, reading the evening papers, eyes looking sure of themselves. The world is as bleak as her soul.

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Imagism was an organized modernist literary movement, led by Eliot's friend and editor Ezra Pound and in which Eliot participated. The cynicism, perhaps conceals a nostalgia and wistfulness for an absent ideal.

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A Short Analysis of T. S. Eliot’s ‘Preludes’