A literary analysis of the symbolism of light and darkness in the literature by joseph conrad

Marlow also describes one of the buildings burning down and the white men automatically find the first black person they can find and punishing him. Kurtz who he has heard much about him from the other people at the station. However, due to the popularity of the novella and the skill of Conrad, his racist views go undetected.

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A literary analysis of the symbolism of light and darkness in the literature by joseph conrad

While Marlow was at the Central Station waiting on his boat to be fixed he notices an oil painting hanging in the station. Even though he knew that Kurtz was malicious, he still wanted to be a man isolated from the annoyances of modern civilization. White Europeans are used as symbols of self-deception, and objects with an alabaster quality are symbols of barriers to inner truth. It is in the midst of this savagery and unrelenting danger that mankind confronts the brooding nature of his inner self. The book in other words is a story about European "acts of imperial mastery" -its methods, and the effects it has on human nature-and it is presumable that Conrad incorporates much of his own experience in the Congo and his opinions about imperialism into the story The goal was to let details tell the story, and remove noticeable bias of the author through scientific and detailed descriptions. His lack of living in civilization has driven him mad, even to the point of putting decapitated heads on stakes Kurtz also has features that show how even though he is a civilized man that he has a primitive instinct, which if not controlled, can be released and start destroying the civilized self. Conrad depicts the Belgians using the traditional meaning of lightness with their mission of enlightening the dark African continent with knowledge from their civilized culture. Kurtz represents the dark side of mankind. The first representation of the darkness is that it resembles what is inside all of us; an uncivilized side that is usually controlled until your environment and background begin to influence the darkness. Dark in Heart of Darkness - Light vs. Since the ancient Greeks, however, a trend has been established that gives women characters much more substance and purpose. Similarly, Marlow uses darkness to depict savagery as a vice having absconded with nature

The symbols become a vehicle that carry the audience from stop to stop, the ride becoming an evaluation of the darkness contained inside the hearts of mankind The critics themselves cannot agree what the darkness means.

Snakes are often thought of as temptation and evil.

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Use of Light and Darkness in Joseph Conrad's Heart of