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More than 60 percent of respondents have complained about slowness of service across both the markets studied.

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Developing guidelines for service recovery that focus on achieving fairness and customer satisfaction represents a direct approach to improving performance. One way to overcome the problem of unclear expectations is to implement service standards, which are often communicated through service guarantees.

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Procedural fairness refers to the policies, rules, and timeliness of the complaint process. The center is open twenty-four hours a day, days a year to service the approximately 3 million customers who call annually. Within operations, slow service is cited as the top reason for customer complaint across both the markets. Best Practices in Identifying Failures Examining the recovery practices of leading firms highlights several approaches that have been effective in identifying service failures: setting performance standards; communicating the importance of service recovery; training customers in how to complain; and using technological support offered through customer call centers and the Internet. Mack et al. For this to happen, team orientation, existence of a formal code of conduct for staff, employee empowerment and motivational programs are some of the areas that seem to be predicated by the data. As an indicator of this, data reveals that a whopping 71 percent Indian respondents decide definitely not to recommend this outlet to anyone else, compared to 35 percent US clients. Third, numerous complaints were never resolved.

Parasuraman, A. Extensive training of service representatives in recovery practices helps achieve high scores on interactional fairness. Our work in the health care industry, for example, indicates that some patients are reluctant to complain because they fear that it may result in lower service quality when the need for care arises again.

Uncaring attitudes and little effort to resolve the problem caused half of the respondents to rate the treatment they received as unfair. These principles guide the specific policies for the recovery program.

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Recovering and Learning from Service Failure