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It is very beneficial for many different industries but the usage of this substance can cause many adverse effects not just for the environment but for all living things.

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Most plastic is produced from oil. Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Full Essay in Points Disadvantages of Plastic Decomposes Slowly As like advantages the first Disadvantages of Plastic is the strong and durability is beneficial when it comes to protection but these same features turn evil when it comes to decomposition.

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Most of these chemicals have not undergone an ecological risk appraisal, and their impact on human well-being and the environment is presently vague. This is where Roof can help — our contractors have worked with all kinds of plastics in plastic skylights, and their first hand experience could greatly assist you in reaching a decision. There is a flotilla of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Most plastic is produced from oil. Prudence lies in using them sparingly and replacing them gradually with their paper and cloth counterparts. Now days, even the automobile industry is using plastic to manufacture fuel efficient, lightweight cars. Plastic bags actually generate up to eighty percent less solid waste than paper. Require less energy to make. The toxic gases can cause many harmful diseases, some of which are curable while others are not. Fumes Since plastic bags are not bio-degradable, the only way to get rid of them is to burn them up. Thus, they are hard to eliminate once used and create tremendous waste. Advantages of Plastic bags: Plastic bags are cheaper than their paper alternatives. In most of the developed countries it is being widely used in the packaging of products and also in the constructions and buildings industry in the form of plumbing, vinyl, piping etc. The low heat resistant is a major drawback as it cannot be used for purposes which involve higher temperatures.

It's light-weight and odourless. One of the biggest threats to wildlife. Improper disposal of these packaging products leads to these harmful compounds finding their way to water bodies, where they dissolve over a long time due to their non-biodegradable nature.

When I say it last forever, I mean it does not biodegrade. Chemical structure Common thermoplastics range from 20, toamu, while thermosets are assumed to have infinite molecular weight.

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This makes the bags stay in environments longer, in turn leading to great build-up on the natural landscape much more than degradable materials like paper. In other words, the more plastic bags you use, the greater the chances of environmental damage. Littered plastics are also harmful to animals because they occasionally eat them and die. They can be recycled, but not as easily as paper bags. Shopping bags are example of plastics which have almost no weight at all. No Smell Unlike other materials, it is odorless. However, before stuffing your home with different styles, colors and shapes of plastic bags, have you every considered the dangers that are inherent in using them? Additionally, polythene bags are easily carried by wind, something that makes them almost impossible to collect for recycling. Plastic bags not only have adverse effects on our natural habitats, but have also been found to be responsible for the death of many animals, mainly on account of the suffocation encountered on eating them. And finally, the life and service of plastic materials is highly unpredictable.
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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Bags