Advertising case study in india

This campaign started with cricketers nominating friends and family who are smokers. The brand generated responses with lookupmoments where people shared their pictures and kept up the momentum.

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It does this by telling stories of different protagonists, some turn out to be funny while others purely magical. Also Read : Why do matrimonial websites only talk to women in their communication strategy? Surprising you is in our jeans! News in developed and interpreted with a more local focus and an equally strong global context. Conceptualised by Water Communications the campaign is marketing mix aired on the various channel including TV, Radio, Digital and Print media. The campaign is a mixture of surprise, disbelief, emotions, and gratitude. Evaluate the advertising campaign of Times of India. Its sister newspaper, The Sunday Times, is the largest selling british national newspaper in the quality press market category. The birthday becomes a celebration of her life experiences, self-beliefs, and independence. The interaction has caught the attention of brands and such campaigns are slowly becoming the future of Digital Marketing. It was made for people who want to look beyond these factors. They covered different scenarios where they explained how speeding and reckless driving is not suitable for survival. The brand invited influencers and bloggers from more than 50 cities to try their service and health care products through experiential sessions.

The digital advertising case study shows Avid as the biggest shake-up in the non-linear editing system. A marketing idea can at times lead to new feature generation which will not only result in new business but also great creative outcomes.

case study on advertising campaigns in india

However, the girl parks the vehicle at her best and asks those men to OpenYourEyes. Redeem these over the next 3 months or gift them to a loved one. We liked, shared and talked about some amazing marketing campaigns in The digital advertising case study shows how HCL collaborated with Nokia to re-engineer the mobile giant.

While Rajasthan is ranked no.

Advertising case study in india

Fevikwik A smart advertisement campaign launched by Fevikwik when the sentiments of Indians were all time high during an India-Pakistan fixture. Upon asking if he has reached his target, the man answers still more calories to burn. Vodafone — Lookup The multinational telecommunication brand Vodafone rolled out a Friendship Day campaign, titled Lookup that preaches practicing real life friendship. While the basic segmentation strategy is to identify who should your ad speak to in this diverse Indian population, the other thing very important to know, especially in complicated business categories like Sulekha is what to talk about. So the reader got a chance to have different perspective of exposure. With an incredible opportunity for participants to win a chance to witness the launch event, the Campaign received overwhelming response and was a great success. The Chief Manager of advertising at The Times of India was evaluating effectiveness of its campaign in building The Times of India as a national brand. Although, to be fair, OLX had the liberty of having media budgets to reach where it has today, I feel from a creative perspective they have rarely gone wrong. It delivers ideas to its customers through leading digital consumer businesses, search engine marketing and optimisation services. Evaluate the advertising campaign of Times of India. The camel, sand animated logo, folk music in the background are all elements that make the state of Rajasthan which are integrated well in the creative to develop an obvious category and product association. With a simple product oriented copy and seamless integration of the product, this one is a winner! Give his story a Salaam to kickstart his dreams. Does the creative do justice to the overall idea?

The winner took home the new bolt and his followers won prizes too. The campaign urges the users to spend three minutes on comparing insurance plans and get the best deal along with significant savings.

It has made people more independent. The supporters of this cause could help spread the word by participating in the awareness drive and pledging their support.

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Kotak Mahindra through this campaign wanted to drive awareness of life insurance for the benefit of riders.

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20 Great Digital Marketing & Advertising Case Studies