Air pollution in china essay

The agreement is also considered historic because it will encourage other reluctant nations, such as India, to cooperate in globally reducing emissions Landler, In fact, China has done so through its most recent agreement with the United States: here, the two greatest polluters in the world agreed in November to limit their greenhouse gasses.

The study found that the electricity industry burns the most coal and is therefore the biggest source of outdoor air pollution emissions.

Air pollution in china essay

As an example, in the s, at an early stage of the implementation of air quality monitoring stations in the U. The combination of studies, analysis and opinions gives a comprehensive picture of China's air pollution.

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Experts have expressed concern about the strategies to control airborne pollutants Wang et al. Juntti, M.

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Sundqvist, G. The air we know and need has been polluted and in certain areas, the air is harmful. Gu An advocacy coalition framework.

Air pollution essay

Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences 67 11 : — Formalization and separation: A systematic basis for interpreting approaches to summarizing science for climate policy. Nov 26, A combination of emissions from vehicles, power and industrial plants along with wind and weather patterns is responsible for dangerously high levels of air pollution in Beijing and cities across China, a threat that China's government are just now taking steps to address. In exchange, China agreed to at least cap its emissions: though China has not committed to a specific percentage, the nation pledged that its emissions would reach their highest levels by and that China will increase the use of non-fossil fuels. Science Advisers as Policy makers. Possible Solutions Solutions can be difficult due to the blindness of political leaders who claim that protecting the environment harms employment and the economy in general. Lidskog, R. Chen, Z. China Dialogue. Stevens Body China's prominence as a major global power has resulted in numerous studies about the causes, effects and solutions to the nation's air pollution. Following the development of economic and scientific, China is playing a very important role in the international arena. The difficulty in estimating the long-run health effects of pollution is that the lifetime exposure to pollution is hard to measure. Atmospheric Environment 44 28 : —
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Essay on Severe Air Pollution in China