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Students can score points only if information is presented in context.

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Example: Linda and Dimitri must do push-ups when they make mistakes in the routine. Discussion of convergent thinking limiting one s choices, looking for the right answer Distractions thinking about something else Differing opinions between individuals The College Board. This means that they must clearly convey which part of the question is being answered.

Students must specifically state positive reinforcer in their applications. Point 4: Human factors Reference to some kind of design element AND how it influences the ability to drive a car.

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All rights reserved. However, reference to Linda and Dimitri, the duo, or them cannot be used as an indicator of dance performance. All rights reserved. Descriptions of brain processes not related to those listed above Point 6: Predictive validity Students must include the following in their answers: Reference to how the scores on the written test predict or are predicted by either driving performance, performance on the road test, or the driver s education course grade. A mention of rewarding themselves, unless it is clear that the reward is external. This means that they must clearly convey which part of the question is being answered. Old information they have learned could interfere with learning any new information. This means that they must clearly convey which part of the question is being answered before a point can be earned. Retroactive interference recently learned material interferes with the ability to recall older information Example: The new dance routine interferes with recall of the old routine The College Board. Statements that do not specifically link the observational component to the ability to drive a car or that do not link the observation to something associated with driving By watching others drive, a student can learn through observational learning. Examples: The vestibular system helps us keep our balance, which is necessary for Linda and Dimitri as they do different dance moves.

Dimitri might be introverted, which would make dancing more difficult because Linda would not be getting any feedback. Point 2: Punishment To score this point the student must identify 1. If Linda is an introvert, she might feel intimidated by all the people who are watching her every move.

The application is not limited to the dance performance it could include practice, choreography, judging, audience influence, etc.

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