Case studies in healthcare administration

Anderson Cancer Center were unable to schedule skin screening appointments in a timely manner. To understand the history of healthcare management in the United States, we conducted a semi-structured review of the peer-reviewed and grey literature, with emphasis on historical descriptions from healthcare management textbooks and published historical syntheses provided by relevant professional associations.

Nevertheless, the patterns identified provide useful insights about the professionalizing of healthcare management, and our findings are consistent with sociological study of professionalization in other technical fields, which emphasizes specialized training and expertise, authority and autonomy, regulation, and creation of group identity.

When your company does not have an adequate medical programme in place, costs can escalate along with increased employee sick time and lowered productivity.

Today, the United States has 88 accredited graduate programs in healthcare management and administration. Cross-functional teams were used to identify potential savings and operational efficiencies. Professionalization may also result in fragmentation in the authority for management and clinical objectives.

Other universities replicated this model, and the number of graduate programs in healthcare administration grew from 9 programs in the s to 18 programs by the s and 33 programs by the s.

Determining that certain categories in the clinical interventions performed by pharmacy and the MAR medication administration record communications generated by nursing could appropriately be recognized as pre-empted medication errors, the team launched a project to: 1 provide a process to ensure the correctness of the MAR on a daily basis, 2 accurately capture clinical interventions performed by the pharmacy staff, and 3 simplify the process to communicate MAR corrections from the nursing staff to the pharmacist.

This paper can catalyze reflection on broader efforts to build health care management capacity, and guide LMICs as they consider alternative strategies for health management workforce development as a critical component of health systems strengthening.

health science case studies
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Professionalizing Healthcare Management: A Descriptive Case Study