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But some students start misusing computers for personal purposes. This time is never sacrificed for more instructional time. Managing a kindergarten classroom is significant to learn for every teacher, to have a better result of integrating knowledge to the leaners. You also need to have a system and some consequences for when rules are broken. Even in hard time arriving places on time. What ideas or passages in particular do you find challenging, intriguing, or frustrating? What is the reason and who will benefit this study? Come to class prepared with lessons for day. This will automatically give them some motivation and interest.

Create a realistic timeline A list of ten learning objectives is not realistic, so narrow down your list to the two or three key concepts, ideas, or skills you want students to learn in the lesson. To the benefits of the professional teachers and undergraduate students to have a weapon when they are already in the field of managing classroom, this must be the advantage for them to have a better idea and guide on how to manage a situation in the Kindergarten Classroom.

Santos, Riza Mae B. Provide opportunities for students to relate course work to their personal experiences Provide additional practice 5. The law of readiness is illustrated through one intuitive example given by Thorndike. Teachers do not generally want to give control to their students.

Obviously, Kindergarten and preschool teachers must teach children all classroom expectations from the very beginning - from lining up, to sitting up and listening.

It is an accepted truth that learning happens only when there is a will to learn. The most important reasons which take part in the occurrence of problem from the teachers' point of view are: the large numbers of pupils in the classroom, the effect of economic and social circumstances of pupils on pursuing their school work, and tje large number of family members and its negative effect on the ability of parents to bring up their child.

The study also seeks answer these questions. What does the article say about gender differences in and in the earlier years?

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