Epc market in india

Most industry participants agree that the overall standards on safety need to be raised in India. It is expected to have contributed 7.

epc sector in india 2019

Out of this allocation, Rs As a result of low crude oil prices, investment in upstream and midstream EPC activities has reduced significantly. On the basis of the type of sector, oil and gas EPC market can be segmented into upstream, midstream and downstream. Globally, large EPC players manage projects in different corners of the world with production hubs strategically located in several continents.

The FEED can be divided into separate packages covering different portions of the project. Allocation of Rs As to fuel the manufacturing industry, government relaxed the excise duties on factory gate tax, capital goods, consumer durables and vehicles.

Some key investments in the sector are listed below.

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Oil & Gas EPC Market Size, Industry Share and Growth Rate