Factors of nationalism

Thus they prepared the foundations for the political claims for national statehood soon to be raised by the people in whom they had kindled the spirit.

Internal and external factors of nationalism

Every nation has its common heroes who become the symbols of the past and unifying force for present. A nation is a group of people with a common language, history, culture, and usually geographic territory. The racial myths fortify the claim of nationhood. Glenda Sluga notes that "The twentieth century, a time of profound disillusionment with nationalism, was also the great age of globalism. Identify national movements Assign students to work in groups to examine selected nationalist movements. It is linked with irredentism, the conception that a part of the cultural and ethnic nation remains "unredeemed" outside the borders of its appropriate nation state. In many ways economic factor plays a great role in the development of nationalism.

For instance, students' identities and allegiances will likely differ even though they all live in Canada. The nation-state was nonexistent during the greater part of history, and for a very long time it was not even regarded as an ideal.

internal factors of nationalism

Common Language A common language is very important cause of proximity and nationalistic feelings. Mass media influence The development of the press has also contributed to the nationalism in Nigeria. It implies that the group of people inhabiting in a definite territory must have a common origin.

True loyalty to the nation, from the conservative viewpoint, was threatened by liberal and republican principles of liberty and equality that were leading the country to disaster.

In many ways economic factor plays a great role in the development of nationalism. Similarly, East and West Pakistan developed as a nation though they were not geographically united. Geographical unity provides a common climate, shapes their values, ideas and attitude. Examples of India and Pakistan are sufficient in this regard.

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The age factor and rising nationalism