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She cannot accept any truth that she did. And you will find sometimes the differences are not worse like you think.

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From the entire stories we have read, we barely look up the word in the dictionary for. When we recall prior experiences that are similar to what we are reading, it helps us much to get the valuable lessons of each chapters.

She was a soloist who will play Mozart Concerto at festival concert. When she was eleven years old, she usually took care of the children around her neighbor as a babysitter. Angela is an ambitious editor of the Student News team who does not care what is right or wrong. CUP have hit back admirably. In addition, she also uses metaphors to illustrate the readers. It is really easy,you don't have to cook for a long time and wash many dishes after cooking. This story also reflects the college society that students have to deal with many problems. Her characteristic is the same as other students who are not able to arrange what is the priority thing to do. Sue complains to lecturer Mrs. They just eat frozen pizza and Mrs Stonehouse thought it was the easiest way. Mel was very angry. Finally, the incident brought them closer together.

The young man was so disappointed. In China,people like to have dinner with their family at home.

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But I don't eat them often because they really don't taste good. Moreover, making an inference is one we usually use to get the implied meaning of something.

Sometimes ,I will buy some frozen pizza or cooked meal,too. I will even feel so poor when I eat them. So he returned to find more information about Carol and he discovered that she was headline in the news long ago as a child murderer. So ,when I have time ,I prefer to cook by myself. For example, Paulo whose family, his friends and people in Italy love spending their summer swimming, playing football and sunbathing on the beach, while the Fowler family enjoys spending their holidays living with the nature in the countryside. When he arrived,he found his room was full of rabbits on the wall which is painted by the hostess Mrs Stonehouse. Where the emphasis in other series is on plain and straightforward language, Cambridge English Reading texts typically use very modern expressions and the dialogue is faster moving. She was a soloist who will play Mozart Concerto at festival concert.
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