Glass castle analysis

This strategy is representative of Rose Mary and Rex's general approach to parenting. Even for small things, Jeannette is adamant that she will get her family to stop being outcasts in the town.

juxtaposition in the glass castle

She wants Jeannette to understand, not judge. Her mother behaves almost like a muse invoking Jeannette's story and giving her the confidence to tell it.

While Lori, Jeannette, and Brian are able to secure jobs and build new lives, Maureen is unable to care for herself and, in a bout of insanity, stabs Mom.

We're not poor.

the glass castle themes

For her the old house is, in a way, her glass castle of happiness. During her work with the school newspaper Jeannette discovers what she wants to do with her life and what she later ends up doing: journalism.

direct characterization in the glass castle

In the s, SAB began rapid global growth through various expansions, acquisitions, and partnerships. Towns like Welch no longer had a thriving economic center and fell into desolation as a result.

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The Glass Castle Quotes and Analysis