Google glass business plan

Larry reigns as CEO, and his partner in crime Sergey Brinis working tirelessly to bring us perhaps the most innovative and life-changing technological product of our time — Google Glass.

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So you might one day walk down the street with Glass glued to your face. Wearable computing of exactly this kind is already in the market.

This made certain processes inefficient and more time-consuming than necessary, because a worker constantly had to refer back and forth between instructions and their actual project.

The majority of the risk lies in not getting the product right and having to close the project down.

google glass business plan

These secret agents refused to answer any of our questions for this confidential device. If, however, Starbucks knew you always had a latte if you came in at 8am, perhaps customers would be more accepting. This lets users keep both their hands engaged with their active project.

Google glass positioning statement

While voice commands offer a convenient way to progress to a different program, touch assistance is a good option when voice commands are unnecessary. They may even shut down for a few days to make sure their books are in order. Despite the blunder that was Google Glass, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 appears to be proving its worth as a tool for workers to make their jobs more efficient and easier. But ultimately Google is Google. And it is hard to argue that Glass is a Google invention. Google Glass could eliminate the need for expensive camera equipment. You May Also Like. What if the opportunity in smart glasses really is in enterprises, or at the very least starts there? It contains a multicore CPU and a new artificial intelligence engine. Other uses of Glass would be in medicine. It needs to be seamlessly integrated into existing glasses, for instance, and users and regulators also need to work out the privacy implications of a device that could always be filming. And if it sped up the queue in the morning, many would be keen. Those potential uses are manifold.

Validation - crowdsourced competition to find out what they might be used for, following high profile publicity campaign for possible hardware product. But Google has asked people in at the invention phase, in essence asking people to help them invent what this product should do, if it were widely, commercially available.

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