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Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is free from all artificial ingredients, it has pure and natural taste and is nutritionally preserved. In order to increase consumer and trade penetration of the brand, it is also available in Tetra Fino Packaging under the brand extension of Haleeb Dairy Queen. During s, when various dairy industries took a boost in Pakistan, CDL came to into existence in as a small production unit. Full Cream Milk Powder? Enjoy it anytime and exude energy and freshness whole day long. UHT treated milk is dependent on the production of the healthy animals and availability of raw milk. All other brands in Pakistan use the direct method of heating that is by injecting steam in the milk, this adds water content in the milk, where as indirect heating in fact evaporates water from the milk. Though Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producer in the world producing around 28 billion litres of milk annually, it is still importing milk powder and condensed milk. According to market sources, milk-processing companies working in formal sector including Nestle, Haleeb, Dairy Queen, Pakola, Olper, and Good Milk had increased prices of their milk products on September 15, from Rs34 per litter to Rs35 per kg.

Haleeb Foods was established in as a private limited company and its first product was Haleeb milk. Government of Pakistan is now focusing on dairy industry. The fact that it comes in a bottle makes up for convenient usage as well.

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Dairy farming is one of the best projects if professionally done on small land holdings. Packaged This open milk is further distributed and transferred to different areas, which include the same area of production, households, urban and rural areas.

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The milk processing plant was installed at Bhai Pheru, District Kasur in These internationally recognized tests are used to check for: a adulteration, b microbiological contamination and c adequacy of nutritional contents. After deliberations with the PFA Haleeb has been able to convince them to apply national standards to their milk whitener.

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The Plan also suggested that most of the milk would be produced in villages near the cities where small farmers would specialize in dairying by keeping half dozen or more cows, produce their own feed and organize them selves in to cooperatives for assembling, transport and even processing of milk. The huge amount of tea consumed in Pakistan coupled with the average price of Rs 18 to 20 for a ml pack of tea whitener makes the product quite attractive to consumers of loose milk. Another recent initiative is Candia Candy Up, which is flavoured milk for children. Haroon says that the media did not carry the PFA report and this skewed coverage proved so harmful to Haleeb that consumers stopped buying their milk. Now, there are many products are available in the market regarding UHT milk but Haleeb found that there is a gap between upper class and lower class, so, Haleeb decided to introduce lower price milk with best quality and UHT treated milk for those whom can not afford high price milk. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging. As of fiscal , its annual turnover is Rs. So, we can say that there is no strategic group of dairy queen milk. After this Haleeb made an attempt at packaging milk in tetra fino packaging.
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