Indonesian civil procedure

Have passed the advocate exam held by the Organisation of Advocates. Police assistance may be called upon if necessary to encourage a recalcitrant defendant to release property which is the subject of the auction.

negligence under indonesian law

Is insurance available for litigation costs? A district court's judgment can be appealed to the relevant high court and ultimately to the Supreme Court see Question If yes, are there penalties for failing to comply?

The respondent, if he so desires, may also submit a counter statement, the "Kontra Memori Kasasi", within 14 days calculated from the date that he received a copy of the Memori Kasasi.

The Indonesian court system is not discriminatory in the selection of judges and only in view of the prevailing law. In addition, during their term of office, judges are usually rotated to courts in different areas.

To obtain a licence, an applicant must fulfil all the following requirements Law No.

Indonesian civil procedure

Case management Can the parties control the procedure and the timetable? Judicial System, last visited: November 1st, and www. This Settlement and Release will have the same effect enforceable as a court judgment as stipulated in the verdict. This is in line with the general principles in Indonesian civil procedure that judges must only examine matters that are submitted by the parties and that parties have the burden of proving any assertions made as part of their case.

The witnesses for the plaintiff are heard first and then the witnesses for the defendant.

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Conducting litigation in Indonesia