Key grammar rules for business writing

Business grammar

The compound subject capacity and competition should take the plural verb are, not the singular verb is. They're resourceful, I guess. The market might recover, but until then we should be cautious. Have a look at these online exercises to help you with conditionals! The subject is the singular board, which takes the singular verb endorses. Our boss gave that assignment to Sam. In the second, a tall man in an oversized suit is set off. Every time you need to use the perfect tenses, decide which action happened first and which action happened afterwards. With these, it is unnecessary—and unidiomatic—to add the suffix -ly. A flat adverb like thus or doubtless takes no —ly ending. In this case, just remember to be extra careful when using the time expressions! Who knew? Suggestions We use could and should to offer suggestions and advice.

For instance, a letter of complaint would have a far different tone than a letter of reference. Something I say all the time: "Everyone needs an editor, even an editor. In fact, small tweaks to your written communications may go a long way in enhancing your reputation for competence and professionalism.

The words however, therefore, and otherwise cannot join independent clauses without additional punctuation. The second type of relative pronoun should be close to its antecedent—preferably immediately after it. But the English language also contains a fair number of adverbs that do not end in -ly such as fast, ill, and seldom.

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Would you help me with this scanner? Most customers should have already left. An appositive is set off by commas when it is not essential to the sentence when it is nonrestrictivebut is not set o?

Stick to a nice, clean type style such as Helvetica or Times New Roman and limit the number of fonts you use in correspondence.

If your aim is to make your writing conversational, it's fine to end a sentence with a preposition now and then, especially to improve flow and avoid awkward construction.

Grammar rules for writing

Appositives may also be set off by em-dashes typically for emphasis or parentheses typically for deemphasis instead of commas. Our boss gave that assignment to Sam. Even so, you don't always have to use a contraction. Your goal is something that legible and easy to read. Again, using the example above, choosing the word "decided" rather than "made the decision" makes reading easier for the audience. There in its use as a subject stand-in, as in There is another way presents a special problem, one that some authorities call the most common grammatical error today. If you can't afford to keep a copy editor on staff or hire one on a freelance basis, your second set of eyes can be a friend or colleague. With these, it is unnecessary—and unidiomatic—to add the suffix -ly. Grammar Girl and says are both singular. If I knew about his decision, I would have told you.
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12 Basic English Grammar Rules and Tips You Absolutely Need to Know