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Restructuring the government positions and hierarchy is a big and important step that came with the Vision Then there was a mission mad e to release a vision of containing the future in the are which will contain the future and give up way related to different type of sources which are oil free.

It might become an alternative for the Saudi government to earn their capital. They use this factor for different kinds of money making systems.

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This stability of the economic situation is what makes the country able to survive the short-term and long-term issues and bumps on the way to success. Residents are the top priority for the government because in adding adifferent type of systems there will be a direct effect on people.

life in 2030 essay writer

New hotel s are being constructed near the Grand Mosque to increase the capacity of the area. Andour living stars all continue to persevere as the internal, intangible battle between mind and matter lifee on. There are fifteen sectors sharing the equities including hotel tourism, real estate development, telecommunication and IT, agriculture, retail, financial services, banks, petrochemical industries, utilities, cement, food industry insurance, media, transport, construction, publishing and media.

There will be a different type of opportunities will be present to the young generations.

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People learn to help each other in the time of need and this forms a strong message for the future generation. Saudi Arabia exists at the intersection of the trade path between Africa, Europe and Asia. The importance can also be mentioned in a way as that Saudi Arabia is located at a place where most of the trade is carried out. This thing will add in a positive way for the industry Nonneman, Persuasive essay about abuse korea. Dragon plays a more consistent role in this film. Body Oil as a source of money Importance of Oil in the world economy especially in the economy of the GCC countries made them dependent on one industry to take them forward. It will definitely bring strong political reforms as well so that the environment in the country becomes more welcoming and fertile for the foreigners. The main purpose of this agreement was to improve the trade between different countries.

Now, this will be under control and the lawmaking will be for the betterment of the Kingdom and not satisfy the ego of the religious clerics.

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