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You should not expect that your supervisor will always be the one to arrange to see you. Do not be afraid to ask for the things you need or to work in the way that suits you best.

Your supervisor or other tutors should be able either to guide you on how to deal with issues, whether academic or personal or, perhaps more importantly, to direct you to somebody else in the university or outside who can help you.

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A good supervisor will know how to support you in many ways but will aim to work with you to help in the ways most suited to your individual needs. You should seek a meeting with him or her if and when you need it. For example, if you agreed you would write a draft of a particular chapter by the time of the tutorial, then you should have completed it if at all possible.

The OP should take more steps in his evaluation, not fewer.

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It might be, of course, that he or she is not aware that there is a problem and can resolve the difficulty with you very quickly. Both parties are obligated to honour the meeting schedule.

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As a Masters student you will probably have four or five tutorials during your dissertation period — one or two at the beginning to help you get started, one or two during the research to discuss progress and research issues, and one or two towards the end to discuss the writing of your dissertation. The most important thing to remember about working with your supervisor is that now you are a postgraduate student you should expect a two-way relationship with him or her. Clark Dec 4 '15 at 3 I agree and said in a previous comment that we cannot know whether the OP is suitable for an academic career. He or she will have expert knowledge in the field you are researching and also expertise in research methods and techniques. Information on the procedures will be available from your department or from the Student Union, who will also be able to offer advice. Most academic staff in UK universities are, of course, British. This may constitute a deeper understanding in a subject or provide a broader scope in the subject than the university's courses can provide. It is important to understand, however, both what your supervisor can do for you and also what he or she cannot. Your tutor will not be impressed if you never listen to advice or take up suggestions.
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