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Through many difficulties and hardships they manage to deal with the arguments and lack of companionship at their workplace Author: Josh Garten.

George and lennie friendship essay

John Steinbeck wrote the book Of Mice and Men in Their friendship is very strong and this is unusual due to the other characters in the book being very lonely. During this time period, the working class men experienced many troubles and learnt to survive on only the bare minimum. Lennie, only in the end realized how great their friendship was. It captures the essence of the time through the experiences of the itinerant worker and their impermanent, isolated experiences McNeill. Lennie Small is a very interesting character Steinbeck, in the story Of Mice and Men, combines characterization and symbolism to prove friends do whats best for eachother

Also, it helps relate George to real life people allowing the reader to put on his shoes and experience what he is going through at the gravest parts of the book George says for Lennie to give him the mouse, but Steinbeck uses one of the best metaphors of what a child would do.

I will also be mentioning some other themes which are present such as loneliness, racism, ageism, hardship, friendship and broken dreams.

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Of Mice and Men is a novel about dreams, friendship, loneliness, and hope The novella shows the relationship between the protagonists, George and Lennie, and showing how they try to achieve the American Dream by working together.

Lennie Small is a very interesting character Even though the two men are complete opposites, they stick together to the end of the novella. They both want their own farm.

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Cooperation benefits a friendship between two people; it keeps the longing for friendship satisfied. The friendship with George and Lennie is shown throughout the whole book. They are able to share the dream between one another which makes it a serious possibility. The two cooperate, thus, making them known as a duo. They have their financial struggles and one partner with mental disabilities. The friendship with George and Lennie is shown throughout the whole book. Companionship is a powerful element. George is always telling Lennie if he does what he tells him, one day their dream of having a house and animals will come true. Now they are depending on work at a ranch in Salinas Valley, California — a few miles south of Soledad Yet Steinbeck emphasizes friendship by looking at how unhappy the people who are by themselves are. This is also able to highlight the true friendship which is separated at the end which also brings an end to the novella. There's Crooks, the negro stable buck; Curley's wife, whose marriage to Curley hasn't exactly been lively; and George and Lennie, whose friendship is strong enough to get them to a better life and out of the negetive cycle that the average migrant worker became trapped These scenarios in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men illustrate the need and desire for companionship in life.

Each desires the comfort of a friend, but will settle for the attentive ear of a stranger. Then, all of a sudden, the short man pulls out a gun and shoots his best friend in the back of the head

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