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A club, a family, an educational institution. Parents often have concerns for how coaches treat their young athletes, but most coaches are the best character role models that a child will have. Values and Actions of a Role Model - A role model is an individual that one aspires to be like in the present or the future.

Sometimes this is a good thing and other times it is a bad thing and this is why celebrities need to function as a role model to their audience because of today's celebrity-obsessed society.

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For example, Odyssey went out to fight the Trojan War for twenty years You could be desirable, superior to your own, be constantly applied, be congruent with organisations values and desired behaviour.

Christians today need a role model who encourages them to have faith and be strong through difficult times. The qualities a Christian role model should have are faith, loyalty, strength, dedication and not being influenced by public opinions. He discovers ways of moving to Alaska despite leaving behind all of his possessions and social status.

I thought my father is super hero. They want the business to succeed and always be improving so that the staff can benefit, a positive role model shows commitment to the organisation and the staff. He is the starting quarterback for the highly ranked Tennessee Volunteers As for my father going to work, taking care of the home and his children.

Leadership is known as the way people attempting to make a difference in a situation. I agree with this quote, every human being should be a role model for others so they can look for a good example in life to lead in their future.

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