Personal view on the correlation between god and evil and suffering

We then react by passing judgement on the world and imposing our ideology on others in order to save the world. However, Hick argues that doing so would be akin to God creating man as a pet in a cage. My hope is that will not be the case, and that amid the suffering of this world each of us will find strength, comfort, and meaning in the community of those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.

The problem of evil and suffering

We grab and claw at each other trying to fill something inside, but we are leaky and broken. Meaning is not a subjective feeling or mental state, but a lifestyle, a way of life that leads to flourishing. If God exists, he does not allow any utterly pointless evil. Suppose a gossipy neighbor were to tell you that Mrs. But animals have no moral expectations or existential needs. On our understanding, many animals experience conscious pain and conscious joy. So now, with the penalty paid, God invites us to return to him, our source of life and wholeness. There does not exist an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good being Hasker, , p. Although there are many possible worlds that contain moral good without moral evil, this world does not have to be the best of all possible worlds.

They do what they know deep down they should not do. Of course, God knew what would happen if they used their freedom the wrong way: apparently He thought it worth the risk.

That situation doesn't need to be actual or even realistic.


Stumpp. As an all-around response to the problem of evil, the Free Will Defense does not offer us much in the way of explanation. The second phase of this creation is man achieving goodness and personal worth.

Responses to the problem of evil

You need to have the right life orientation, values, beliefs, and attitude. However, as we all know, our world is filled with a staggering amount of evil and suffering. Secondly, we need to reject the expediency of immediate gratification in favour of personal sacrifice for a better and more meaningful future. We find a story of people who are in intimate relationship with God, and who know what He has asked of them. Cite Wong, P. It would be ridiculous to give moral praise to a robot for putting your soda can in the recycle bin rather than the trash can, if that is what it was programmed to do. But by creating free, moral people, he could not prevent them from using their choice for evil in the good universe he made. This general approach is referred to as Skeptical Theism in academic philosophy. It only shows that it could be worse, there could be no resulting good. Imagine a possible world where God creates creatures with a very limited kind of freedom. Oxford: Oxford University Press. One objection to the Free Will Defense is that it is possible for beings that are capable of committing evil to never do so. First, lets restate the "problem of pain" in a way that exposes the unproven assumption: 1. Four-factor theory of true grit. All these examples illustrate the same principle that those who want to live the most meaningful life must be willing to carry the heaviest burden of responsibility and make the ultimate sacrifice.

Some think the problem of suffering should push us away from God. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 40 4 Thus, the designation "Good Friday" for the day the church remembers Christ's crucifixion.

Personal view on the correlation between god and evil and suffering
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The Problem of Evil