Personality test assessment essay

It defines who I am and how others view me.

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I would have to agree with academia because even though I have taken this test several times I have never been categorized as the same personality type twice. The personality inventory for executive jobs is fairly detailed. The TAT is a projective test in that, like the Rorschach inkblot test, its assessment of the subject is based on what he or she projects onto the ambiguous images.

Numerous successful lawsuits have argued that giving the test to job applicants is an invasion of privacy, and that there is no evidence linking test results to job performance.

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Big Five Personality Traits Projective tests A projective test is one in which the person is asked to respond to ambiguous stimuli in order to reveal hidden emotions and internal conflicts.

They love to help people and want to be liked.

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As a result, it is noteworthy noticing that the use of personality tests by organizations for personnel selection has become increasingly popular among different organizations. The first being extroversion or introversion. In an interview the subject is engaged in a conversation with the would-be-employer, on whose behalf a psychologist may investigate into his personality traits and qualifications. The test that correlated with my personality was the big five personality test in which I compared my answers to those of my husband We live on the same street and we share the same interests and hobbies. The test is very popular in the business world but has been heavily criticized by academics due to its low validity and reliability. This does not mean that there have not been similarities in my results; certain aspects of the results stay true and the percentages of specific personality traits fall within a close range of each other no matter how many times I

Merriam-Webster I am one of those people. In this sense, employers use personality tests in the employment selection process so as to identify individuals who do not only rely on the required skills and knowledge for being a successful employee.

Furthermore, they can exhibit limited potential for adverse effects compared to cognitive ability tests. As the type of people with blue-type personalities, Turner and I share a common motivation to make our friends and family happy This is a bad thing for the organizations because they have a wide variety of applicants to choose from to fill their needs.

Personality test assessment essay
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Personality Test Analysis Essay