Pestel analysis lenovo

There are multiple instances of innovative products completely redesigning the norm for an entire industry: Uber and Lyft dominate the taxi cab industry; smartphones have left other phones an unviable option for most et cetera. In order to effectively understand both the macro and micro environment of Lenovo, and to finally justify a forward strategy for the organization, the PESTEL and the SWOT strategic analysis would be used.

The use of international Television channels over time will also help Lenovo in its target market.

Pestel analysis lenovo

The micro-environmental forces that influence the success of Lenovo involve Employees, Suppliers, and Customers. Big and small businesses are investing in sustainable practices not just to control costs but also to create a sustainable brand image. Choosing the vision, mission and the reason of existence for Pc Lenovo.

Chermack et al propose that SWOT analytical framework facilitates the organization of information that provides clear insight into an organizations strategic plan.

Also for an organization, the ethical problems are faith, fair and good service. Published by HBR Publications. The severe macroeconomic challenges before Lenovo along with the decline in PC industry will continue to have an effect on Lenovo. Over these periods the majority of the target market will get to know about the Lenovo products. Bibliography Dozier, B. Higher rates would result in greater investments that would mean more growth for lenovo However efficiently the financial markets operate also impact how well lenovo can raise capital at a fair price, keeping in mind the demand and supply. So all of these technological factors can help Lenovo increase their competitive ability in the next five to ten years and the marketing share of IBM also belongs to Lenovo. However, around the world such situations have frequently come to light. Then if the organization make illegal actions, it will be ejected from the market by customers, such as never buy their products. The more people become literate the more they will need connectivity and high tech products. Apart from these things Lenovo is focusing upon expanding its renewable energy portfolio and reducing the energy usage down its production chain. Top Quality Work Political Factors that Impact lenovo The political factors that may impact the profitability or chances of survival of the company are quite diverse. The government has incessantly reduced authoritarian and other barrier to trade through custom procedures, procedural regulations, certifications, import licensing, and export boundaries focusing taxes and partial VAT rebates.

EU slapped fines over US technological giants for debatable reasons. The demand for personal technology is especially the highest among the millenials and the middle class. For the businesses operating in the global environment, political stability in the overseas markets is very important.

Suppliers Suppliers are those who make available goods and services which are transformed into value by an organization.

Social factors The success of an organization depends on the social trends, views and adjustment towards the consumption of the products it produces.

The impact of social factors is not only important for the operational aspect of lenovo, but also on the marketing aspect of the organization.

lenovo swot analysis

Climate change would also render some products useless. It is not easy for Lenovo to market in US and the Europe make where its brand perception is low.

SWOT Analysis of Lenovo After analysing the external environment of Lenovo, in order to develop a strategic plan that will respond to its changing environment, it is imperative that a focus on its Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Resources, and Threats, from which the construction of SWORT is obtained, is carried out for strategic analysis. A low minimum wage would mean higher profits and, thus, higher chances of survival for lenovo Economic Factors that Impact lenovo Economic factors are all those that pertain to the economy of the country that lenovo, such as changes in the inflation rate, the foreign exchange rate, the interest rate, the gross domestic product, and the current stage of the economic cycle. The laws that the country enforces, especially with regards to business, such as contract law, as they dictate what lenovo is and is not allowed to do. If this improvement is drastic, then other firms in the industry suffer more heavily. This has given the population purchasing power that favours Lenovo About Lenovo , 27 Micro-environment of Lenovo A micro-environment consists of diverse stakeholders outside the company. Pc Lenovo should do a primary research regarding how much time it often takes to conclude a court case in the country given the sort of legal challenges Pc Lenovo can face. It will not be easy for Lenovo to expand its markets to developed countries such as US and European countries where the products are also associated with low quality About Lenovo , 29 Rapid technological change This is a common threat though, among the computer related products sellers. However, there are several forces which need to be in favour to reach that position. The micro-environment is a constituent of customers, suppliers, creditors, distributors, and dealers. EU slapped fines over US technological giants for debatable reasons. By definition, brand awareness is the proportion of a target population who know Lenovo exists and the services and products it offers. The industries this applies to find often their costs elevated. But often in emerging countries these agencies delay the process as a tactic to extract bribes. But at the same time, some new problems come with computers such as energy consumption, health and pollution of the environment.
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MBA PESTEL : Lenovo: Disruption of the PC Industry PESTEL / PEST Analysis