Piers plowman essay questions

Can you draw any conclusion about the differences between Old and Middle English culture? Why do you think Langland would include both?

Contained in the quest of Conscience at the end lies two solutions to the problem: First, a return to humble agrarian values, represented by Piers Plowman.

piers plowman discussion questions

Piers Plowman exists in at least three versions. To what extent does Langland's vision combine aspects of the religious themes found in both the Old English and the Middle English works which we have read thus far?.

Consider the vision of society in the Field of Folk. Note his attitude toward story-telling Pilgrims a prominent feature in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. What sorts of person are treated most negatively? The driving problem of Piers Plowman, however, is that they so rarely do.

An essay on the textual transmission of section titles in the B and C Versions of Piers Plowman, arguing that the final two sections of the poem indeed originated in the B Version. Develop your own particular thesis, and be sure to support your argument through frequent and specific reference to the text.

Is Piers Plowman primarily an anti-ecclesiastical satire? How is the group of folk different from the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales? What is meant by the "fruits of Piers the Plowman" in the description of the Harrowing of Hell? The Plowman was the most recognizable medieval symbol of the poor and was associated with great virtue, especially after Chaucer' s contemporary, William Langland, wrote a long poem entitled Piers Plowman, about a Christ- like, hard- working plowman who must save his society from the consequences of their sinful lives.

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Piers plowman essay questions