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A private organisation is a Company run by an individual, partnership or shareholders.

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These measures include both credit and non-credit measures. Public policing has been known to have a monopoly on policing until the increased trend in private policing in the United States. Currently, the corporation operates with a monthly imprest of N, to cover its operating cost following centralization of salaries and wages of civil and public servants by the Cross River State Government.

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Inthe commercial stationery and printing arm of the corporation was established to cater for the printing needs of the public. In India, industrial sickness was very much common to engineering industry, cotton and jute textiles industry.

These therefore, are the major concerns of this study.

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Kikeri et al, The government has explained that the control of an entire industry by them rather than fragmented private ownership would lead to a rationalization of activities within the industry and a lot more intensive programme of investment. What you will find there tells a very different story of a woman's world today.

Essay on the Problems of Private Sector in India: In a mixed economy like India, the private sector has been assigned with a significant role to play in the field of economic development of the country.

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Private Sector of India