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As a class warm-up exercise, Guest has her students draw a sea creature or object. Students can go fishing, trap a tuna, and so much more.

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Review and closing Have the students share their favorite part about the activity. After reading this book, I have my students draw and label pictures of the different ocean animals in the story.

Teaching about sea creatures

High school English teachers can find numerous one- and two-day activities that weave together American poetry and ocean life in this curriculum from the Education Resources Information Center. Ocean in a Bottle To see how waves look, have your students create an ocean in a bottle. While my students are writing, I allow them to listen to the sounds of the ocean. Join me as I dive into activities that will introduce students to the types of animals and creatures that make up the ocean habitat. Add food coloring to your oil. Students love to lay out on beach towels and pretend they are reading in the sun! Word Work Station Have students build ocean vocabulary words using letter stamps or magnetic letters. Geared toward elementary school social studies teachers, the lesson has students create museum exhibits about ocean exploration using poster board. Have Fun Teaching also has a cartoon set available for free. Monitor them and guide them through the activity. Science Station Sort and Classify Play an animal classification game. Guided Practice 10 minutes Throw the animals back in the table and have the kids take turns giving a clue to the rest of the class. Fishing for Sight Words My students love to go fishing for sight words. Students will be able to identify use clues to identify different animals. Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week.

Integrating art, music, literature, and writing with a study of the sea doesn't require a physical body of water. The activity is complete when all the animals have been correctly identified and removed. This lesson for students in grades has the kids write and illustrate a book about reefs for younger children.

The beauty of this project, Ringpfeil says, is that you can preserve the finished work for future classes to see. Science Station Sort and Classify Play an animal classification game. Have students list as many ocean animals as they can.

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They draw it four times; the final drawing is a more artistic endeavor in which the students use advanced techniques such as shading. Classroom Library I fill my classroom library with tons of books about the ocean. Have Fun Teaching also has a cartoon set available for free. Invite your students to bring in photos, seashells, starfish, and other items to share with their classmates. Ocean-Themed Learning Stations During our study of the ocean, I incorporate ocean-themed activities into my classroom learning stations. Science Station Sort and Classify Play an animal classification game. So much fun! During our study of the ocean, my students used Goldfish to practice matching number words to sets. Students will enjoy pretending they are relaxing in the sun. Elementary school students also can write ocean poetry.

You'll call on them to grab the animal from the "ocean. The kids then watch a video shot at their sanctuary by Jean-Michel Cousteau son of Jacques Cousteau and create paintings and drawings of the plants and animals they see.

For a shorter lesson using visual displays, try one from National Geographic Xpeditions. Estimation Jar Placing an estimation jar in the math station is a great activity to incorporate.

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