Single parent work focused interview

Protection It should be noted that the regulations prescribe protection for certain lone parents in specific circumstances.

when do single parents have to go back to work

We support initiatives designed to improve skills but we are concerned that the basic level of skills training on offer at Jobcentres might not be adequate. A work focused interview aims to assess and develop your prospects for employment and identify training or educational needs that may help you find work in the future.

For further information contact the Carers UK Adviceline. If you have any issues downloading them contact the Carers UK Adviceline. My youngest child is between 5 and 13 years old When your youngest child is over five but under thirteen you will usually be expected to look for a maximum of 25 hours work per week.

Work-related activity The regulations allow employment advisers to mandate WRA as a condition of entitlement for lone parents whose youngest child is aged three- or four-years-old and who are claiming: IS solely on the grounds that they are a lone parent; or ESA and are in the WRA group.

Lone parents who wish to alter the WRA imposed on them, restrict their availability, challenge sanction decisions or defer WFIs are given limited protection by the regulations. We are also concerned that it might not be possible to secure additional childcare in an existing nursery setting, and a change of nursery might be unsettling for young children.

An initial WFI is likely to help establish your level of qualifications and employment history. It's always good to check that any proposed meeting especially a subsequent meeting is a WFI if it is not made clear to you at the time.

Single parent work focused interview
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Work focused interviews / work related activity