Target market for compact digital cameras

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The analysis observes that the digital camera market in nations such as China and India are planning to capitalize on prospect development. While on the basis of application the digital market is segmented into commercial and residential. The Asia Pacific region has been recognized as the principal market for digital cameras and is also projected to continue to control the market.

The market is projected to accomplish an absolute lead in the market place owing to improved strategies in specific areas.

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Content is researched, developed, and designed by Reuters Solutions- the Commercial Advertising Department for Reuters. Moreover, the Latin American region is also projected to become robust in the approaching years as the demand from the consumer end is elevated for interchangeable lens and build in lens cameras.

The HS system features across the professional, prosumer and consumer category cameras. This will enable new camera users with a chance to experience, experiment and enter the exciting world of photography.

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It's not going to solve the long whined about FZ60 woes, but I think the would get more people to consider Micro FourThirds if it came with a fixed lens option.

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