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What is the effect of the use of the ICT on the performance of businesses? Logistics which is located in Accra Ghana as a case study General Objectives The general objective of the study is to contribute to the general body of knowledge and to examine the impacts of ICT on modern world business in Ghana.

The reduction in the number of operation errors is also a very positive impact of this system as it improves the production process making it more reliable and effective.

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However, your task is to select a researchable and interesting topic which will be presented in a way that is easy to understand. Because this field has plenty of sources available, and on many facets of it.

The questionnaires were self-administered by the researcher. Keep on reading to find ideas for some of the most popular international business research topic ideas that you can use and create your very own, unique and successful research paper. Do we use 'cookies'?

Data Analysis The questionnaires collected were coded and keyed into the data base of the statistical package for social sciences.

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In its core, argumentative essay uses existing, published literature and materials, as well as collected data, to present the understanding of the author in an argumentative manner. Interesting Business Research Topics With the business world and studies being complex, picking the right business research paper can be tricky. Moreover, business ethics explores ethical conflicts between different groups of people: employers, customers, employees, as well as their surroundings. Lucchetti and Sterlacchini carried out a study on factors affecting the adoption of ICTs among businesses in Italy and their study revealed that general ICT use and adoption rates are very high and do not depend on size i. A self-administered structured questionnaire with a combination of open and close-ended questions will be used to obtain the data. Businesses who focus on market vs. In order for you to write a good and intriguing business research paper, your choice of topic must be in your field of interest. The respondents included the workers of K. Abwao observed that initiatives for the dissemination of agricultural technologies and the relay of weather information to farmers to help them in decision-making are one of the vital uses of ICTs. According to Fapohunda , computers are now commonly used for writing letters, and reports, printing books, newspapers, and magazines, drawing pictures and diagrams, doing statistics, mathematics and handling financial records, controlling traffic lights, flying aeroplanes, making and playing music and video, sending messages anywhere in the world. Some of the respondents answered the questionnaire and indicated any ambiguous and difficult to understand question. Understanding the Fair Information Practice Principles and how they should be implemented is critical to comply with the various privacy laws that protect personal information. Woherem states that with Internet connectivity, one can do business all over the world without physical contact with the buyer or the need for a business intermediary. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others' rights, property, or safety.

Types of products that consumers are more likely to buy from a small company What would happen if small businesses disappear from the market? Users will be notified of any privacy policy changes: On our Privacy Policy Page Users are able to change their personal information: By logging in to their account How does our site handle do not track signals?

Section A comprised of the demography of the respondents whiles the subsequent sections comprised of questions aimed at answering the research questions.

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