The experience of captivity life by ex hostages and the solutions of the united states and other cou

They were then told to kneel down, still wearing blindfolds. Some also speak ill of the clergymen who visited them in captivity, of the Carter Administration, the Iranian revolution and, reflecting the tensions of their ordeal, of one another.

But, he added, ''It was on the view you either do it or you're not going to be released. Tomseth, were just leaving the Foreign Ministry. Gregory A.

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Sickmann, 23, Marine Sergeant, security guard. At first, they were given a couple of hour-a-day telephone lines to Washington, as well as access to the Foreign Ministry's Telex facilities.

But all were mentally or physically maltreated and many have come home with bitter feelings for their Iranian captors. Laingen's secretary, was taken roughly to a gunman who demanded the combinations of locked embassy safes, combinations that she did not know. Ode, 65, retired from Foreign Service, special consular official on temporary day assignment. Kennedy said, there were a number of ''terrible scares'' and he brooded a great deal about being shot. Coffin had done ''a marvelous job'' and that he was ''absolutely aware of what we were going through. Howard, the Baptist minister, presided over the session that Mr. Later, when it became apparent that the invaders intended to seize the compound, Mr. After these assaults, Mr. Huge posters of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini bobbed on poles as the crowd went wild. I went peacefully. But it was too late. Morefield, the Consul General, was awakened by gunmen. Laingen at the Foreign Ministry.

My feeling was your family needs to see you. He wanted us to go, anywhere, he didn't care.

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His fellow hostages applied first aid and raised the alarm, and he was taken to a hospital after a long delay created by the guards. The Iranian diplomatic staff - the career professionals, as opposed to the political appointees - ''were absolutely appalled at what had happened and totally sympathetic to us,'' Mr.

The provisional government had been appointed by Khomeini, and so Khomeini was likely to go along with the government's request to restore order. The clergymen said later that they had told the militants that they wanted to conduct an ecumenical service for the entire group of hostages, and they said they had almost walked out before yielding to a demand that they meet the captives in small groups.

Hohman, an Army medic, vividly recalled the moment: ''They took me to the outside of the embassy, removed the blindfold and made me face what looked to me like at least two million screaming Iranians.

In late January , they and Henry Lee Schatz, an American agricultural attache who was away at the time of the takeover and had found refuge in the Swedish Embassy, were spirited out of Iran with the help of the Canadians. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? There were two sources of information on possible spies among the hostages. For a week, Sergeant Sickmann was bound so tightly that his wrists and arms hurt. But, through eye contact and gestures, he said, he was able to get some messages back and forth. Looking out windows, some saw a bedsheet banner with a message in English suggesting that the demonstrators wanted access to the building only to stage a sit-in. Morefield, ''there were quirks or characteristics that were very annoying. The words are hard to define. The militants also found a false Belgian passport in the possession of Thomas L. Not for everyone, however.

The hostages were initially held at the embassy, but after the takers took the cue from the failed rescue mission, the detainees were scattered around Iran in order to make a single rescue attempt impossible.

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‘No Concessions’? A Closer Look at U.S. Hostage Recovery Policy