The failure of canadian justice system for aboriginal people

Nearly 20 years ago, Gladue reports were part of a series of justice changes that sought to reduce the vast over-representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system.

Only this can correct the systemic discrimination that Aboriginal people face in the Canadian criminal justice system. She lost, and the appeal was dismissed. As the old saying in Indian country goes - there's justice and there's just-us. But the judge, in part because she lived outside of a First Nations community, did not consider her Indigenous ancestry in passing sentence.

There are basically two kinds of challenges to prospective jurors. These so-called restorative justice initiatives erode Aboriginal traditions by taking them out of their intended context and placing them within a western European system that is based on totally incompatible values.

These are but 2 of the 13 provincial and federal inquiries, commissions and studies that have looked at the issue of Indigenous people and the justice system since That is what it is on a daily basis for Indigenous people across the country. The Supreme Court in Gladue said judges had a role in over-representation and they should ensure that they had the information necessary to allow them to meaningfully address this provision of the code.

aboriginal peoples and the criminal justice system canada

Locking up minor drug offenders will not close the Clients appreciate the support, she said.

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How the Canadian legal system fails Indigenous people like Colten Boushie: U of T expert