The many factors that influences a person to commit crime

environmental factors of criminal behavior

Social Level of Morality Different homes and communities have different degrees of morality. Responses to situations can involve extreme emotions or violence and lack of self-control.

Such an occurrence could involve a confrontation in a bar or some other public place where the attacker and victim happen to be at the same time. But how do people develop this higher level of moral disengagement and psychopathic traits in the first place?

It is widely accepted that the model for the development of human behavior is extremely fluid and effected by several factors, not just genes or environmental factors alone but in fact an interaction between the two.

social factors that influence crime rate

Weapons used for self-defense included brass knuckles and pocket knives; guns; or anything that could be found, such as sticks, beer bottles, or other materials.

Nine out of ten participants were bullied and hence responded with violence or bullied others in the same school. Some studies report rates of crime against age; a sharp increase in criminal activity in mid-adolescence followed by an equally sharp decline in these rates in early adulthood have been noted Blonigen, Crime: Its Causes and Remedies.

Alcohol consumption and drug use were found to be among the key variables triggering adolescent violence. Adolescents who are involved in bullying, either as a recipient or a perpetrator, often respond to provocations with violence, which then escalates to gang violence.

Two types of decisions considered from various elements are made by male juvenile offenders when using violence, intentional use of violence and unintentional use of violence.

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What Influences Criminal Behavior?