The relationship between biology and computers

Figure shows how quantitative science intersects with biology at every level, from analysis of sequence data and protein structure, to metabolic modeling, to quantitative analysis of populations and ecology.

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Break a problem down into computationally tractable components, and instead of solving them one at a time, employ multiple processors to solve each subproblem simultaneously. If it's manned, then it's a simple task of finding the shortest path to go over the area that must be covered with the least amount of overlap.

Computational biology examples

The problem of organizing this information and sharing knowledge with the scientific community at the gene level isn't being tackled by developing a nomenclature. Both groups of students were assessed using the same rubric by the same group of teaching assistants. Linux is no more difficult to maintain than a normal PC operating system, once you know how, but the skills needed and the problems you'll encounter will be new at first. In conclusion: CS is where it's at. We know the function and structure of some proteins, but how do we determine the function of new proteins? There are some questions we can't answer for you, and that's one of them; in fact, it's one of the biggest open research questions in computational biology. In order to facilitate cooperation amongst all of the scientists and coordinate efforts, data was compiled on online databases before being published. You might look into the "Bioinformatics for Dummies" book. Main article: Modelling biological systems Computational biomodeling is a field concerned with building computer models of biological systems. As it has grown popular in the mass market, Linux has retained the power of Unix systems for developing, compiling, and running programs, networking, and managing jobs started by multiple users, while also providing the standard trimmings of a desktop PC, including word processors, graphics programs, and even visual programming tools. The essence of an experiment is: if you take system X, and do something to it, what happens? Main article: Computational neuroscience Computational neuroscience is the study of brain function in terms of the information processing properties of the structures that make up the nervous system.

The selection of available word processing and desktop publishing software and peripheral devices for Linux is improving as the popularity of the operating system increases.

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We then introduce the basic tools you'll need to locate databases, computer programs, and other resources on the Web, to transfer these resources to your computer, and to make them work once you get them there.

Such taxonomies have been useful particularly for phylogenetics the study of evolutionary relationships. First, it applies a scoring scheme matrix for aligning the sequences. The sequence label can be applied to a gene, its product, its function, its role in cellular metabolism, and so on.

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Bit short on time to say much here, but I'd look at doing contract work for a biology group while you're learning the bio.

The cataloguing of species was the preoccupation of biologists for nearly three centuries, beginning with animals and plants and continuing with microscopic life upon the invention of the compound microscope.

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Parallels between Biology and Computing