The two perspectives of lowering the drinking age in the united states

The Commission met over the next 18 months and ultimately advanced 39 recommendations to President Reagan… The most conspicuous of those recommendations, and arguably the most controversial, called for raising the minimum legal drinking age to 21 nationwide… In the interest of maintaining unanimity, I reluctantly voted yes.

I remember being fascinated by the level of respect and control young Europeans had when they drank. Underage alcohol use: summary of developmental processes and mechanisms: ages They would need the permit to buy beer, wine or liquor, and the state could revoke the permit for those convicted of alcohol-related offenses such as drunk driving.

But these people are not always available.

economic benefits of lowering the drinking age to 18

Binge drinking among 8th, 10th and 12th graders has been steadily going down since the drinking age was raised to Foremost, in my mind, is the dramatic rise in binge drinking among young people since the change — with its consequent danger to health and safety.

Our results thus challenge both the value of the MLDA21 and the value of coercive federalism. Arrests jump sharply exactly at age 21 and remain elevated.

lowering drinking age to 18 research paper

A stalled movement There's a movement to lower legal drinking ages in the U. And an important point: the trend lines for these two groups began to diverge inby which time all 50 states had an age 21 law.

The two perspectives of lowering the drinking age in the united states
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Is lowering the drinking age a good idea?