The white stripes go red white

The white stripes go red white

I think you saw more of the progression — developing songs and messing with the arrangements more, more of a pop aspect. I knew what he was talking about — from recording at their house to a track studio.

Basically he wanted it as raw as possible, but better than if it was recorded in somebody's living room.

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Jack White continued to juggle his responsibilities as he performed with several bands, produced albums for other artists, and made forays into cinema. Brian Muldoon: Upholsterer, part-time drummer, friend of Jack White's family. In other words, the band isn't "mad" or "whining" about their success and popularity — MTV awards, magazine covers, commercial radio airplay, album sales. She was pretty self-conscious about it. Thanks to Kid Rock and Eminem, the nation's attention was now firmly on Detroit music, and the White Stripes began attracting notice outside indie rock circles. From the ocean to the permafrost. Enthusiastically introduced to the British public by influential radio jock John Peel, the band staged a quick club tour in August and found itself the focus of a media frenzy, hailed as the savior of rock 'n' roll. Early in their history, they turned down a potential deal with Chicago label Bobsled, because the label wanted to put its green logo on the CD. Aesthetics and presentation[ edit ] The White Stripes had a carefully constructed image built around lore they created for themselves and visual motifs. Born and raised in Detroit, Jack White -- then known as Jack Gillis -- began playing drums as a child and picked up guitar in high school. From Meg's standpoint, the drumming is real primitive and I really love that. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. His six older brothers were in a band called Catalyst, gigging around Old Miami, Paycheck's, all the dives.

Seemed like a bad idea. One of the greatest days for Detroit music ever. It never would have worked with anybody else, because it would have been too complicated I can always sense where he's going with things just by the mood he's in or the attitude or how the song is going.

In Octoberit was announced on the official White Stripes website that there would be an album of avant-garde orchestral recordings consisting of past music written by Jack called Aluminium.

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Revealing the White Stripes: The inside story of the early years