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All the characters are leading their lives as individual because they are not able to run parallel with both family and society.

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Her life swings between death and emptiness, which is a pure anguish that penetrates each, even the smallest, cell of her body. I want to move from failure to failure, step by step to rock-bottom. The characters of this novel especially Nirode and his sister Monisha feel themselves detached from this city. She also wrote a notable collection of short stories named Games as Twilight and other Stories The Himalayan village they come from and the city of Calcutta present two lives of one soul. The third main protagonist, Amla, is the younger sister of Monisha and Nirode. He spends most of his time in the coffee house surrounded by an Irish young man David Gunney, a prosperous tea- Taster Jit Nair and his cronies. The death of Monisha brings them some kind of revelation. A Discourse of Postcolonial Modernity The existential problem of the novel is dramatic. Again this darkness and collection of serious books highlight her individual life. The idea of freedom in life is initiative in the subjective novel, Voices in the City of Anita Desai which eventually emerges as the recurrent theme. When you climb a ladder all you find at the top is apace, all you can do is leap off, all to the bottom. Wonders the way he has whiled away his time since childhood and has been a looser always.

The novel in discussion also focuses on human relationship and their freedom of life in its real but inner perspective. The young man seems to be going through the personal crusade against his own self, knowing that he would never be able to win in this fight, and the defeat is close, though he is still attempting to change the outcome feverishly.

He looks like a dog, which barks a lot but when the stranger comes closer, it runs away; Nirode runs away from his own problems.

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Even my own room, which they regarded at first as still bridal, now no longer is so the tubes are blocked, it is no good , and sister-in-law lie across four-poster, discussing my ovaries and theirs Kalyani Di throws open my wardrobe in order to inspect my sarees The inner most psyches of different characters as individuals in this novel are revealed to us through their interaction with those who are emotionally related to them on the basis of kinship. Through these visions, a concept of freedom in life incorporates itself in the novel, which gives way to forceful characterization of the novel rather than plot construction. I want to get there without that meaningless climbing. Again this darkness and collection of serious books highlight her individual life. Most of her work deals with inner life of an individual who is jam-packed with psychosomatic problems. It is always crowed with women and girls of her family as is clear from these lines: Alone, I could work better, and I should feel more-whole. Monisha Monisha is a mistress of solitude. Nirode, as many people of all times, especially modern world, waits for his perfect moment to come, which never will, as each second of life is unique and perfect, the person just has to learn to be open-minded to see it. He broods over the way he has grown up with his shortcomings and laidback attitude. The boy succumbs to the feelings of being damned for the rest of his life, and the fact that he is nothing more than a worthless creature. Nirode does not understand that the world starts from the responsibility, which the person takes on and does not blame everyone and everything on his way. The life of an individual is highlighted through the themes of love, marriage and sex.

Such a conclusion comes from the idea of his inability to see the worthiness of everything he is given. She narrates to him all that is happening in Kalimpong.

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Such a point is made due to his own psychological discussions and conflicts, which are just described but never solved or thought through. He stated that Monisha and Amla are two bright examples of women, who are trying to dispel the patriarchy of the country, and finally free women from unhappiness they are doomed for.

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This lack of responsibility makes him an emotional child, who is not given a candy, which is so desirable. Even when, towards the end of the novel, she arrives at Calcutta airport to attend the funeral of Monisha who has committed suicide, she still looks beautiful. Mann, Sachdeva. Her husband is too busy with his middle rank government job and has no time for his wife. Nirode the main character is an editor of a newspaper. Goddess Kali Anita Desai aptly compares the city to the universally recognised goddess of death, Kali. The book outlines the sorrowful impact of the urban livelihood upon an Indian family.
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