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Claiming to be a psychiatrist eager to help Nash, a man named Dr. My fiancee and I were personally attracted to the film because it involves the subject of mathematics.

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Russell Crowe plays John Nash, a mathematical genius, who develops schizophrenia in his early twenties. Release[ edit ] A Beautiful Mind received a limited release on December 21,receiving positive reviews, with Crowe receiving wide acclaim for his performance.

But things come to a head when dark-clad figures close in on Nash during a speaking engagement. The real Dr. This was done to rob the viewers of their understanding, to mimic how Nash comprehended his experiences. Taking control of his thought life, Nash states, "Like a diet of the mind, I choose not to indulge certain appetites," a great if unintentional illustration of 2 Corinthians He has schizophrenia which makes him see and interact with people that only he can see, in short because they are figments of his imagination.

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Crowe had previously worked with Cannom on The Insider. The theme in this movie is transparent, and is mainly developed by the character, John Nash. I hate to give it a negative rating, but it is a post modern liberal film.

Eventually, the situation got out of control Charles makes a reference to a drunk driving fatality.

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