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Copy ptrRawData, rawData, 0, rawData. Then, all the images from the list are added to the video. This article has got two sections: First, I'll explain the demo application so that you can use it to explore the library on your own.

c# write avi

We convert the resolutions from float to integer. Length ; streamInfo.

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To an uncompressed video stream, we could append frames by simply opening the stream and adding frames as usual. ToInt32 numPosition. IsRunning; btnStop. Trim ; tempFile. The default resolution is system dependent. GetVideoStream ; stream. Displaying a video After reading a video file, we can display the video frame by frame. GetFrameClose ; Of course, you can save the images in any format. Paste stream, 0, int numPastePositionBitmap. Copy a couple of seconds from audio and video stream into a new. The Edit tab The Edit tab demonstrates tasks for editable AVI streams, like pasting frames at any position in the stream, or changing the frame rate: When you have chosen a file to edit, an editable stream is created from the video stream, and the editor buttons become enabled. Length; streamInfo. To copy a part of the video stream from second X to second Y, the indices of the first and last frames have to be calculated from the frame rate and second.

GetVideoStream ; stream. Close ; Add Frames appends the images to the existing video stream. VideoWriter 'outpy.

video file writer c#

RotateFlip RotateFlipType.

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A Simple C# Wrapper for the AviFile Library